Need for nature ?

The village “Bourget en Huile”

At an altitude of 850 meters (2800 feet), the village at Massif de Belledonne is a nature preserve of extraordinary richness! Not only is it the ideal place for all outdoor activities, but it’s also a great place to recharge your batteries, and who knows… maybe you will even have the chance to see wild animals ! In particular, deer live in the surrounding forest and regularly approach the houses.

In addition, many facilities have been created in the village: a village hall, a playground, many snowshoeing trails, and a cross-country skiing center… With a wealth of hiking trails, orientation courses and mountain bike circuits, “Le Bourget en Huile” is a privileged place for ecotourism. The 150 inhabitants of the commune organize numerous events throughout the year that bring together the surrounding villages together.

“A dynamic and welcoming community in a relaxing natural setting”

The massif of Belledonne

Wild and unspoilt mountain, no road crosses it for 80 km (50 miles), spanning an altitude of 200 to 3000 meters (600-9,800 feet)! This massif is a real playground: magnificent lakes to picnic by, summits that will work your legs, ridges for a bird’s eye view of the rest of the Alps, mountain huts to spend the night, and even chalets where you can watch cheesemaking… a great diversity of activities for any kind of getaway you prefer, whether relaxation or adventure.

>>>Beautiful videos will show you our massif over the 4 seasons !

“A real paradise, a natural garden”