French immersion stays


Come and enjoy the richness of our mountains, discover our lifestyles, relax, meet the locals and savour the pleasures of the table… in total immersion in French.

As a certified and experienced French trainer, I offer you a new language learning experience. I had the chance to cross many beautiful countries and landscapes, but the most important thing for me each time was the meetings. Languages are a link, but not only… We can communicate through sharing. And it is often in the most remote places, far from the big cities, that I experienced these fabulous moments. Together, let’s share a unique, simple and authentic experience.

French immersion programs

Try French immersion to practice your French on a daily basis ! According to your interests and needs, 3 programs are available, all with your certified private teacher. 


Come enjoy the peace and tranquility of our chalet or sleep soundly in a studio on the ground floor of an ancient stable that has been tastefully restored.

Options and rates

We propose 3 example of different packages + a customized program for personalized options. The prices include French classes, accomodation and some meals.

Learn French in France

Would you like to explore the French language ? To discover its culture ? To study or work in France ? To travel in French ? Are you preparing for an exam ? Everything is possible !

Group hiking in the mountains up the village


Hiking, moutain-biking, trail running, skiing but also local and cultural visits, tastings or wellness activities… Experience micro-adventures in the Alps !

view of the village of Bourget en Huile with its church and school

The village

At an altitude of 850 meters (2800 feet), the village “Bourget en Huile” in the French Alps is in the heart of a preserved nature with an extraordinary richness. 


Client comments

“Valentine is a great teacher. Very flexible and reasonable, lovely to be around. She teaches our whole family. My husband really benefits, because Valentine is admirably patient and persistent at making sure he gets difficult things right (like pronunciation or grammar) before they move on to something else. She also teaches our 5 year old twins and they think it’s a lot of fun. We couldn’t have found a better teacher. Thanks Valentine!”


“Valentine is such a wonderful teacher. She is organised, kind and inclusive, clear in her communication, comprehensive and creative. I highly recommend her !”


“I recommend Valentine 100% to anyone who wants to start learning or improve their French! You will have a teacher who will make your experience very pleasant and cozy with lots of learning. You will never be bored, no matter if it is group or individual lessons.”


“I can’t think of anyone better to teach French than Valentine, her teaching techniques work very well! I have been in France for a year and a half and after a few months of French classes with her, I can speak well and even watch French films without subtitles.”


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Enjoy a unique experience !

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