The wonders of the Alps 

“The Alps is a profound landscape where the sky, tired of being blue, lays down on the mountain”.

 Boris Vian

View on the Mont blanc in the french Alps

A famous european moutain

This famous mountain range crosses several European countries: France, Germany, Switzerland, Italy, Austria, Slovenia and even Liechtenstein. Its numerous ski areas and the beauty of its landscapes have made the Alpes world renowned. It is impossible to talk about the Alps without mentioning Mont Blanc: the highest peak in Western Europe with its 4,810 meters (15,780 foot) peak.

With a rich and unique culture

But the Alps also have remarkable fauna, flora, and local culture. From the eagle to the marmot, to the ibex, all are representative of the wildlife of these mountains. Emblematic flowers such as the edelweiss, the gentian or the genepi complete this harmony and sometimes offer flavors that can be found in the region’s legendary liqueurs.

The identity of the Alps flows through its gastronomy, its history, and its heritage. Just think of the mountain huts and chalets where you can enjoy delicious cheeses and a range of traditional dishes based on them: raclette, fondue, tartiflette… a little something for every cheese lover!

Bottles of homemade french mountain's liquor
A cheesemaker caring french cheese wheels